EDGES Podcast

Feb 14, 2024
Season 3: Reflections on Student Organizing & Advocacy
In this episode, we're joined by Nyusha, a steering committee member from the UCLA chapter of the UC Divest Coalition. UC Divest an anti-militarist coalition of student and community organizations seeking to end the University of California's investment in war. In our conversation, Nyusha describes the development and evolution of UC Divest's political analysis, tactics, and structure and shares stories about both the challenges faced by the Coalition and its growth to a multi-campus coalition. In doing so, he provides...
Feb 7, 2024
Season 3: Reflections on Student Organizing & Advocacy
White Coats for Black Lives (WC4BL) is a medical-student run group that focuses on dismantling racism and centering liberation, particularly within healthcare. Emerging from White Coat Die-In demonstrations in 2014, the organization now has many national chapters. In today’s episode, we are joined by members of the WC4BL chapter in the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program. We cover topics including the legacy of activism and student activism in the Bay Area, the chapter’s focus on mentorship and scholarships for...
Jan 31, 2024
Season 3: Reflections on Student Organizing & Advocacy
In this episode, the Lab is joined by Sophie Wang, PhD from ⁠FreeRads⁠, an "activist collective dedicated to creating a more socially just, equitable, and accountable science," and Taylor Cruz, PhD, a professor of sociology at CSU Fullerton. Sophie and Taylor share a bit about their co-created ⁠zine on AI automation in the Port of LA⁠, as well as generally discuss zines as tools of knowledge production/sharing outside of traditional publishing structures and as tools of political education. Thinking back on their own experiences...