Episode 1: Reflections on Student Organizing and Advocacy with Sophie Wang & Taylor M. Cruz


In this episode, the Lab is joined by Sophie Wang, PhD from ⁠FreeRads⁠, an "activist collective dedicated to creating a more socially just, equitable, and accountable science," and Taylor Cruz, PhD, a professor of sociology at CSU Fullerton. Sophie and Taylor share a bit about their co-created ⁠zine on AI automation in the Port of LA⁠, as well as generally discuss zines as tools of knowledge production/sharing outside of traditional publishing structures and as tools of political education. Thinking back on their own experiences as undergraduate and graduate students, they reflect on the unique position students within the academy have to advance movements and encourage students to grasp the local political contexts of their universities, invest in relationship building, and understand the academy as an imperfect but important site of struggle. Check out the other zines referenced by Sophie and Taylor in this episode: ⁠Equity, Exclusion and Everyday Science Learning⁠ by Sophie Wang and ⁠A Survival Guide to Tech Career Fairs⁠ by Haidee Clauer, Lee Beckwith, Cleo Forman, Yoni Maltsman, Moe Sunami, Bradley Gonmiah, Liam Chalk, dri chiu tattersfield and follow Freerads on ⁠Instagram⁠ and ⁠Twitter⁠.



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