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J. Jih, Nguyen, A. , Woo, J. , Ly, A. , and Shim, J. K. , Using Photographs to Understand the Context of Health: A Novel Two-Step Systematic Process for Coding Visual Data, Qualitative Health Research, p. 10497323231198196, Submitted. Journal Article
L. Chang, Fukuoka, Y. , Aouizerat, B. E. , Zhang, L. , and Flowers, E. , Prediction of Weight Loss to Decrease the Risk for Type 2 Diabetes Using Multidimensional Data in Filipino Americans: Secondary Analysis., JMIR Diabetes, vol. 8, p. e44018, 2023. Journal Article
R. A. O'Leary, Zelikoff, J. T. , Meltzer, G. Y. , Hemmerich, N. , and Erdei, E. , The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe resists JUUL's targeted exploitation., Tob Control, vol. 32, no. e2, pp. e267-e268, 2023. Journal Article
E. Vasquez, Foti, N. , McMahon, C. E. , Jeske, M. , Bentz, M. , Fullerton, S. , Shim, J. K. , and Lee, S. Soo- Jin, Rethinking Benefit and Responsibility in in the Context of Diversity: Perspectives from the Frontlines of Precision Medicine Research., Public Health Genomics, 2023. Journal Article
J. E. James, Dauria, E. F. , Desai, R. , Bell, A. , and Izenberg, J. M. , "Good luck, social distance": rapid decarceration and community care for serious mental illness and substance use disorder during the COVID-19 pandemic., Health Justice, vol. 11, no. 1, p. 39, 2023. Journal Article
S. C. Segerstrom, Diefenbach, M. A. , Hamilton, K. , O'Connor, D. B. , and A Tomiyama, J. , Open Science in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine: A Statement From the Behavioral Medicine Research Council., Ann Behav Med, vol. 57, no. 5, pp. 357-367, 2023. Journal Article
Q. Cheng, Krajmalnik-Brown, R. , DiBaise, J. K. , Maldonado, J. , M Guest, A. , Todd, M. , and Langer, S. L. , Relationship Functioning and Gut Microbiota Composition among Older Adult Couples., Int J Environ Res Public Health, vol. 20, no. 8, 2023. Journal Article
M. A. Rosenthal, Ranji, S. R. , Kanzaria, H. K. , Ortiz, G. M. , Chase, J. , Chodos, A. H. , Nguyen, O. K. , Rodriguez, E. G. , and Makam, A. N. , Characterizing patients hospitalized without an acute care indication: A retrospective cohort study., J Hosp Med, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 294-301, 2023. Journal Article
L. J. Esserman, Ali, H. , and McKenzie, T. , When Less Can Be More: How the 10-Year Updated Results From the Randomized Controlled AMAROS Trial Should Affect Axillary Management in the Setting of a Positive Node., J Clin Oncol, vol. 41, no. 12, pp. 2144-2150, 2023. Journal Article
S. J. Shah, Oreper, S. , Jeon, S. Young, W Boscardin, J. , Fang, M. C. , and Covinsky, K. E. , Social Frailty Index: Development and validation of an index of social attributes predictive of mortality in older adults., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, vol. 120, no. 7, p. e2209414120, 2023. Journal Article


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