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Routledge Aging and Society Book Series: Meet the Authors

By Emancipatory Sciences Lab on March 19, 2024
The Routledge Aging and Society Book Series held its first "Meet the Authors" webinar on March 19. The webinar featured: 

Lessons About Life, Love, and Learning

By Kim Nguyen on February 26, 2024
I've always known that life can change instantly, and it did. A year ago today, my heart shattered into countless jagged pieces when my beloved mother, Emily Hoang Nguyen, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. We enjoyed a morning chat; she was in San Francisco, CA, and I was in San Antonio, TX....

ESLab Goes to the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Conference 2023!

By Brittney Pond on November 06, 2023
Reception Join us at the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting for the UCSF Emancipatory Sciences Lab and Routledge Aging & Society Book Series Reception! The Reception is taking place at the Tampa Marriott Water Street, Meeting Room 1 at 6pm ET. Be sure to arrive early for the FREE book raffle at 6:...

American Sociological Association UCSF Research Showcase 2023

By Brittney Pond on July 31, 2023
This blog post features the research by current students and faculty at UCSF in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department showcased at the upcoming American Sociological Association 2023 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

End of Life Care Through a Social Justice Lens

By Fernando Antunez on June 02, 2023
In the early months of 2016, I was driving back and forth from Los Angeles to Orange County every weekend to steal an evening by my mother’s bedside from the hold my undergraduate schedule had on me. Rendered bedbound by her advanced frontotemporal demetia, she consistently greeted me with a...

Looking Up: Imagining Tangible Futures and Active Academia

By Rebecca Wolfe on April 24, 2023
Looking up is often a difficult task, particularly in graduate school. While the inevitable questions at holiday parties of “What do you want to do when you’re done?” impart their reliable dose of existential dread, taking classes and writing a dissertation make it easy to keep your head down.

Nursing Home Residents, Transfer Trauma or Relocation Stress Syndrome

By Elizabeth Halifax on March 20, 2023
We know that moving, even if it is a positive choice, can be a cause of stress and even depression and grief for any person. When symptoms like these exist, it may be referred to as transfer trauma or relocation stress syndrome (RSS).

Honoring Judy Heumann, Disability Rights Activist (1947-2023)

By Jarmin Yeh, Brittney Pond, Kourtney Nham on March 06, 2023
It is with heavy hearts that we learn of the passing of Judith "Judy" Heumann -- widely regarded as "the mother" of the disability rights movement. 

Emancipatory Sciences Lab Supports UC Academic Workers Negotiations

By Jarmin Yeh, Jennifer James, Carroll L. Estes on November 10, 2022
We are writing as scholars who have made the University of California a home, and as people with a vested interest in its future and mission to educate and train tomorrow’s leaders. Cutting edge research, insightful teaching, and career development is and always should be the primary focus of the...

Confronting Canon and Empire

By Kourtney Nham on November 07, 2022
In reflecting on the American literary canon, Toni Morrison asserts: “Canon building is empire building. Canon defense is national defense. Canon debate, whatever the terrain, nature, and range… is the clash of cultures. And all of the interests are vested.”