EDGES Podcast

Jan 25, 2024
Edge Runners
In the second installment of our EDGE Runners podcast series, get ready to learn about everything from identity and meaning making for bisexual older adults, stories of surviving and thriving from trans folks in their 60s and 70s, how the microbiome impacts cancer treatment, and a social robot named Lovot. Join Brittney Pond and Nicholas DiCarlo as they chat with incredible...
Sep 29, 2023
Edge Runners
In our new series, Edge Runners, we take you with us out into the field to learn from the experts. For our first episode, join Emancipatory Sciences Lab fellows Brittney Pond and Rebecca Wolfe as they speak with a wide variety of scholars at the American Sociological Association annual conference in Philadelphia, PA. We discuss topics from video games to credit scores, the KKK to hip-hop. Come and learn with us!