Episode 3: Lab to Lab featuring the Critical Health + Social Ecology Lab

In this episode, the Emancipatory Sciences Lab is joined by members of the Critical Health + Social Ecology Lab (CH+SE Lab) at Fordham University. The CH+SE Lab explores issues of space, place, aging, and neighborhood change through an interdisciplinary and intersectional lens and is led by Dr. Shellae Versey, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Fordham. She is joined in this episode by Brionna Colson-Fearon, a first year PhD student in Psychology at Fordham and a researcher at the CH+SE Lab whose research focuses on issues of food justice. They discuss how reflexivity shapes the ethos of the CH+SE Lab, the relationship between team science and interdisciplinarity, and ongoing/upcoming projects at the Lab. They also reflect on the importance of finding mentors with aligned values and being willing to push bounds in the academy in order to generate emancipatory scholarship.




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