Natalie Purcell, PhD, MPA

Associate Adjunct Professor
Social Behavioral Sciences

I am a sociologist who specializes in the study of violence, trauma, and pain across healthcare contexts. My work uses mixed methods drawn from the social sciences and the humanities, as well as program-evaluation and implementation-science techniques. Since joining the VA in 2011, my research has centered on understanding the impact of violence and combat trauma in the lives of US military veterans, identifying and evaluating care interventions to address violence-related trauma and pain among veterans, and identifying ways to reduce violence against healthcare workers. My work at VA involves not only violence and trauma-related research, but also transformation of the institutional culture to promote organizational health and patient centered care.


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Violence and the Pornographic Imaginary: The Politics of Sex, Gender, and Aggression in Hardcore Pornography

Violence and the Pornographic Imaginary: The Politics of Sex, Gender, and Aggression in Hardcore Pornography.

Purcell, N.