Tine Buffel, PhD

Professor, Sociology and Social Gerontology, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Dr. Tine Buffel is a Professor of Sociology and Social Gerontology at the University of Manchester, where she directs the Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group (MUARG) – an interdisciplinary group bringing together scholars from sociology, geography, anthropology, political science and architecture, with an interest in understanding and improving the experience of ageing in place in urban environments. Tine has published widely in the field of ageing, with a particular focus on social and environmental issues associated with ageing populations. Her research career has been distinguished by a commitment to working with community partnerships to study and address equity and social justice issues. Building on a background of innovative participatory and co-production methodologies with older people, she has been particularly interested in studying questions relating to neighbourhood and community life in later life, social inequality and exclusion, urban deprivation and developing ‘age-friendly’ environments. Her research has received various prizes for its impact on policy and practice to improve the lives of older people.


urban ageing, social exclusion, spatial justice, co-production, ageing in place, age-friendly communities
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