Ramona Laughing Brook Webb

Poet in Residence, UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women's Health

Ramona Laughing Brook Webb is an Afro-Creek Muskogee Queer performance poet and theatre performing artist. Mona is the first Poet in Residence at the UCSF Center of Excellence in Women's Health, The Black Women's Health and Livelihood Initiative and The Black Wellness Center at the University of California San Francisco, working at the intersections of art integration into healthcare practices, cultural change and inclusion. Mona serves as the new Director of Wellness in the Black Wellness Center while working at the intersection of race, gender, diversity, equity and inclusion. They are also the proud founding curator of The Black Wellness Centers Art Gallery. 

Mona is co-curator and co-director of the Queer Healing Arts Center in Oakland California, and has been newly named the Janice Mirikitani Poet Theologian in Residence of Glide Memorial Church of San Francisco. 

Ramona is a conservatory-trained performance artist who writes and performs in “docu-ritual-drama” theater. "Latimer Lights" is rher current poetic performance piece, it chronicles the life, legacy, and poetry of Lewis Howard Latimer inventor of the permanent carbon filament of the light bulb. Ramona’s pronouns are she, her, them, and they.



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Laughing Brook Webb