A photo of Shellae Versey, PhD, MPH.Shellae Versey, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Psychology, Fordham University

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Faculty Profile

Critical Health + Social Ecology Lab


Shellae Versey is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Fordham University. Her research focuses on aging in place, neighborhoods, and housing. Shellae's work engages themes of research and advocacy, exploring how older adults aging in place experience neighborhood change. One of her current projects include the Fighting Displacement Study, a nationwide study examining drivers of displacement (e.g., eviction) among precariously housed women. Shellae graduated from the University of Michigan with a PhD in Psychology, and MS in Epidemiology. Her teaching now focuses on social psychology, issues of intersectionality, housing and environmental justice.

Keywords: lifespan development, aging in place, displacement, space and place attachment, neighborhood characteristics, housing instability, intersectionality, mixed methods, community-based participatory research (CBPR), women's health, work-family conflict