A photo of Sarah Canham.Sarah Canham, PhD, FGSA

Associate Professor, College of Social Work, College of Architecture and Planning, University of Utah

Associate Director, University of Utah Health Interprofessional Education

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Faculty Profile

Aging in the Right Place

Sarah Canham, PhD, FGSA is an Associate Professor at the University of Utah. Hired as part of a cluster hire focused on examining Resilient Places for Aging, Sarah holds a joint appointment in the College of Social Work and the College of Architecture and Planning in the Department of City and Metropolitan Planning; she is also the Associate Director of the University’s Health Interprofessional Education program. Dr. Canham’s community-based research engages with a broad network of providers, clinicians, and persons with lived experience to examine homelessness, housing security, health and social service delivery, and aging. Using a social justice lens, Sarah’s work seeks solutions to systemic barriers to aging well in various environments. Sarah completed her doctorate in Gerontology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and postdoctoral training, first in the Department of Mental Health at The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and later in the Gerontology Research Centre at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC where she remains an adjunct professor in the Department of Gerontology.

Keywords: housing justice, affordable housing, homelessness, homeless services, health services delivery, social services delivery, gerontology, qualitative research, community participatory action research, community based research