A photo of Nicholas B. DiCarloNicholas B. DiCarlo, MSW, LCSW

Co-Director, Emancipatory Sciences Lab

Research Analyst, UCSF Institute for Health & Aging

Assistant Editor, Routledge Aging and Society Book Series

Co-Founder, Crone Institute


[email protected]

Crone Institute

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Nicholas (they/them) writes about the psychosocial political landscape in regards to aging study, abolition, psychoanalysis, and the importance of generational epistemologies. Past works include Aging A-Z: Concepts toward Emancipatory Gerontology with Carroll Estes. Forthcoming is Deepening the Field: Psychoanalytic Approaches for Emancipatory Gerontology. They are Assistant Editor of the Routledge Aging and Society Book Series. They live in New York and have a bicoastal virtual private psychotherapy practice.