A photo of Emily GreenfieldEmily Greenfield, PhD

Professor, School of Social work at Rutgers Unviersity

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Emily A. Greenfield, PhD, is a Professor at the School of Social Work at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She is an internationally recognized scholar of community gerontology—a growing development in the field of aging that aims to understand and improve community environments for increasingly long and unequal lives. Her pioneering research on community initiatives in aging strengthens efforts to modernize opportunities for healthy aging as people progress through later life in their own geographic communities. She is one of few scholars advancing praxis on Naturally Occurring Retirement Community Supportive Services Programs, Villages, age-friendly community initiatives, dementia-friendly community initiatives, and inclusive healthy communities. Orienting to issues of aging equity, Dr. Greenfield also conducts research on how social inequalities stemming from childhood influence later life cognition and well-being. Across her research, teaching, and service, Dr. Greenfield encourages others to view themselves as leaders for an aging society and to use research and theory as tools for improving policies and practices of importance to them.

Keywords: community gerontology, program theory, life course human development, leadership in aging, inter-organizational practice, aging equity, community-engaged research