Dean Birkenkamp

A photo of Dean Birkencamp. Dean Birkenkamp, MS

Senior Editor, Routledge Publishers

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I have commissioned new books in the social sciences for 42 years, covering a wide range of topics. I was Founder and Publisher of Paradigm Publishers until 2015, when Paradigm became part of Routledge. Today I commission new books for Routledge. Generally, my focus has been on social justice publishing across a range of disciplines. In 2016, I proposed a new book series, Aging and Society, which is directed by Carroll Estes with Nicholas DiCarlo. To date, eight new books are published or planned, many of them written by leading scholars in the aging field. We continue to build the series. 

Keywords: social justice, race and racism, international political economy, African American Studies, ethnic studies, inequality, gerontology, ethnography, feminism, social policy.